So, most of you won’t know this, but I have a major thing for watches. I don’t know what it is, but a good watch makes an outfit (I have the same view about coats).

Anyway, I recently turned the big 20 and I thought I’d treat myself…or I lost my original watch and used that as an excuse to buy a new one (you can decide what one you believe).

Skimming through the internet and instagram where celebrities posted perfect shots, I came across an Abbot Lyon watch. A beautiful rose gold watch. And instantly had to buy it (there was also a 20% student discount so that was basically fate).

Ngl, I’ve never heard of them before and I didn’t read any reviews because I was being so spontaneous, but the website was so organised and smart that I assumed it was good.

I anxiously waited 3 days (side note: who here thinks that by paying so much money you should get next day delivery ’cause I sure do) and it finally arrived in the slickest of boxes.


This watch is absolutely gorgeous – it is definitely the nicest thing I wear and it looks so classy. Some watches, which you pay an absolute fortune for, look a bit tacky and not worth the money, but this one is –  to me anyway…I’m still swooning over it 3 weeks later.

I didn’t read many reviews on it, so atm I’m not sure whether they’re great quality, but it did come with a year warranty.

I also wear the watch with a Michael Kors bracelet which matches perfectly with this watch, but the Abbott Lyon website also has bracelets that look beautiful with any watch that you want to buy; probably will be my next purchase!

Hoping this watch makes me look professional at my next internship!





8 items on my ASOS wishlist

In the midst of revision, I’ve been going back and forth to my ASOS wishlist – probably a form of procrastination that all of you are aware of – and it’s continuously growing which, not going to lie, is not going to be great for my bank account.

* waiting for the day student loan drops in *

Here are 8 items which are currently on my wishlist for the sunny weather we keep having.


NaaNaa Mini Cami Satin Dress with Mesh Crop Top

This dress would be so cute on a night out with a pair of black heels or you could dress it down with some trainers and wear it during the day. It also comes with a mesh top underneath which I loveeee; it just adds a bit more to the outfit which might otherwise feel a bit boring.

ASOS PENALTY Pointed High Heels

Omg how cute?? These heels would actually go with the dress above. Pointed heels literally make any outfit smarter than it originally was.

RAID Marina Dusty Pink Mid Block Heeled Sandal

The majority of my wishlists are mainly block heeled sandals, just because they’re so cute. Like you can wear them during the day or on a night out. And imagine these heels with the white dress – how cute for a summer outfit would that be?!

Wyldr Spoken Thoughts Satin Tie Wrap Dress With Frill On Strap

A white summer dress should be on everyone’s wishlist; it is the summer outfit. Also, this dress has little frills on the straps – all about the details…                                        

ALDO Rose Gold Cuff Bracelet

I just like bracelets and I’m looking to add more accessories to my outfits when I can be bothered. I don’t really like statement jewellery, although it may warm up to me one day, so a simple bracelet like this ALDO one really works.

Miss Selfridge Ruffle Front Playsuit

I’m not actually sure I can pull this off. The majority of my clothes are black, white, grey and nude colours so bright red? I don’t know. But I do want to add some more colour into my outfits, just need to step out of my comfort zone!

Fiorelli Anouk Mini Grey Backpack

Awh, this bag is just so simple and cute. It’s a mini backpack, so for a day out, it would be perfect and would probably fit a lot more in it than my current handbag (which is literally the size of a A5 book).

Fashion Union Off Shoulder Shirt

How many bardot tops do I need, I actually can’t stop buying them, they’re so pretty and DEFINITELY give out those summer vibes I crave.


This season’s must have bralette



I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve recently become absolutely OBSESSED with bralettes to the point that everytime I see one I feel obliged to buy it (lord help my bank account).

Bralettes have become one of the biggest trends for Spring 2017 and they honestly work with anything; whether you want to wear it for someone else; under a low cut, baggy top; with a mesh top; or just to make you feel and look pretty.

This gorgeous piece was found in the busy world of Primark; a recent addition to our wondorous Uxbridge town centre.

Now, I’m not one for Primark usually simply because it’s outrageously busy all. the. time. and I’ve never been a fan of the quality in previous experiences, but when I saw this bralette I couldn’t help myself.

The deep rosey colour screams out summer and it has lovely enbroidered flowers over the mesh cups which I really liked. The bralette also comes in all white and nude and black – very tempted to buy them all, not gonna lie.

Not entirely sure about the quality at the moment as I haven’t had it for long, so I’ll keep you updated, but it is very comfortable AND is only £8 like how crazy is that?!


Style on a student budget

A trip to Oxfam might just save you from a lifetime of debt.

Students often have trouble budgeting their money, especially if they have a keen passion for fashion. The self-control to stop yourself from buying new clothes every season can be extremely difficult but here are a few ways that you can stay stylish while on a budget.

Choose non-brands over brands: Despite the fact that designer clothing makes us look and feel like Kim Kardashian, we’ve got to understand that it is not as important buying Burberry when we can simply buy top quality clothing from other shops at a price that a student can actually afford. On average, a woman spends over £600 on clothes a year, roughly 100,000 in your lifetime. This number can go down drastically by simply changing your shopping style. There is no such thing as the impossible.

Love charity shops: While we all love shopping at Topshop and Miss Selfridges, buying a whole wardrobe is a big no-no! Charity shops sell clothes at unbelievable prices and, you never know, the different styles might surprise you. Caitlyn Siggs, design apprentice, age 19, said: “I have a huge love for charity shops. I even managed to buy my whole prom outfit for roughly £50 which is so good!” Don’t be put off by the negative stigma that charity shops carry or that other people have worn the clothes. Start small and next you’ll know your bank account won’t be in the minus numbers (which is everyone’s dream).

Use apps: It’s 2016; the variety of shopping apps out there is huge! Charlotte Lamb, Advertising student, age 18, says: “ShopStyle is one of my favourite apps, it allows you to browse clothes from all sorts of shops while sending you bargain alerts so that I can always find great deals.” What could be better?

Discounts: Some people can’t bring themselves to shop in charity stores so always ask whether shops do a student discount. Almost every shop has some sort of discount and there is even a unidays app to keep you up-to-date with current discounts. It may only be 10% off clothes but, hey, every little helps. Some stores go up to 75% off which means everything to those who spend 75% too much.

Think outside the box: The good thing about fashion is that what goes around comes around. Look through your old clothes or even your parent’s clothes, you might find something worth wearing. The 70’s are in fashion, after all. Ashleigh Rees, Art student, age 19 says: “The thing about fashion is that it changes all the time, what you might view as cheap and tacky might be the next trend; there’s not one style for everyone.”

Don’t feel like you always need to be on top of fashion: The fact is that, most of the time, other university students are not going to know the difference between an expensive outfit and a charity shop outfit; they may not even know what the current trend is. The average style on campus is joggers so there’s no point spending your entire student loan on clothes, which aren’t even going to be appreciated. While this attitude to take, it is definitely possible.

We all know how tempting it is to buy a new outfit when your student loan drops in but you definitely do not want to find yourself starving because you spent too much on clothes, especially when, in a couple of months, this ‘expensive new outfit’ will be old news.

Head over to for more information on how to change your lifestyle now.