Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Review

Oh my looooooord.

The first things that pop into my head when seeing these lipsticks.

I probably shouldn’t have spent £50 on two lipsticks when I have rent, food and bills to worry about (and my dad will never know that I did because phew would that be a lecture and a half) but you gotta risk it sometimes.

While some may argue £24 for a tiny product isn’t worth it, these lipsticks are gorgeous and it’s not just the colours. The packaging is so pretty and simple and chic; you can automatically tell they are worth something.

The two lip colours I got were…

Bond Girl – a deep berry shade; perfect for the autumn season but also a gorgeous colour to wear on a night out.


Pillowtalk – this lipcolour is really popular and fortunately for me, it just came back in stock. It is a nice nude, pink colour that really embraces a natural no-makeup makeup look. Perfect for any skin tone.


The formula is creamy and hydrating and it just glides on your lips unlike a lot of other lipsticks which make your lips feel like chalk. The colour lasts a long time; obviously some comes off when you’re eating or drinking a lot but nothing a little ‘reapply’ can’t fix.

The lipsticks are in a coffin shape, which, at first, I thought made it harder to apply but you get pretty used to it and by the end, you’ll be able to apply it effortlessly.



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