So, most of you won’t know this, but I have a major thing for watches. I don’t know what it is, but a good watch makes an outfit (I have the same view about coats).

Anyway, I recently turned the big 20 and I thought I’d treat myself…or I lost my original watch and used that as an excuse to buy a new one (you can decide what one you believe).

Skimming through the internet and instagram where celebrities posted perfect shots, I came across an Abbot Lyon watch. A beautiful rose gold watch. And instantly had to buy it (there was also a 20% student discount so that was basically fate).

Ngl, I’ve never heard of them before and I didn’t read any reviews because I was being so spontaneous, but the website was so organised and smart that I assumed it was good.

I anxiously waited 3 days (side note: who here thinks that by paying so much money you should get next day delivery ’cause I sure do) and it finally arrived in the slickest of boxes.


This watch is absolutely gorgeous – it is definitely the nicest thing I wear and it looks so classy. Some watches, which you pay an absolute fortune for, look a bit tacky and not worth the money, but this one is –  to me anyway…I’m still swooning over it 3 weeks later.

I didn’t read many reviews on it, so atm I’m not sure whether they’re great quality, but it did come with a year warranty.

I also wear the watch with a Michael Kors bracelet which matches perfectly with this watch, but the Abbott Lyon website also has bracelets that look beautiful with any watch that you want to buy; probably will be my next purchase!

Hoping this watch makes me look professional at my next internship!





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