This season’s must have bralette



I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve recently become absolutely OBSESSED with bralettes to the point that everytime I see one I feel obliged to buy it (lord help my bank account).

Bralettes have become one of the biggest trends for Spring 2017 and they honestly work with anything; whether you want to wear it for someone else; under a low cut, baggy top; with a mesh top; or just to make you feel and look pretty.

This gorgeous piece was found in the busy world of Primark; a recent addition to our wondorous Uxbridge town centre.

Now, I’m not one for Primark usually simply because it’s outrageously busy all. the. time. and I’ve never been a fan of the quality in previous experiences, but when I saw this bralette I couldn’t help myself.

The deep rosey colour screams out summer and it has lovely enbroidered flowers over the mesh cups which I really liked. The bralette also comes in all white and nude and black – very tempted to buy them all, not gonna lie.

Not entirely sure about the quality at the moment as I haven’t had it for long, so I’ll keep you updated, but it is very comfortable AND is only £8 like how crazy is that?!



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