Winter skin care

I’d like to say Winter lasts around 3 months, but living in England, it’s a lot more like 7 months which means there is a greater need to look after your skin.

The harsh winter we have means our skin becomes very dry and our lips very chapped, which is not a good look for anyone and entirely ruins the makeup we spend ages applying.

BUT, on the bright side, there is plenty you can do about it…


Moisturising is the key. Literally, moisturise your face/body day and night 24/7 and don’t just do it during winter; do it all year round and you will definitely see benefits of taking care of your skin. (also it makes your skin look 100% better when you decide not to wear makeup).

2.Remove your makeup every night before going to bed

I don’t actually know how some people don’t do this? I understand sometimes like if you go out one night and you come back so late you can’t be bothered, but leaving it on every night??? It’s so bad for your skin and encourages spots to come out. And after removing your makeup, cleanse it with a toner to get rid of all the dirt inside pores etc.

3.Never leave chapstick (do we say that in England, or is that American??) behind

Honestly, what’s worse than having chapped lips – can’t wear your £10+ lipstick with lips so dry; definitely not a good look. PLUS, it’s so painful, let’s be honest. But just apply it whenever and you’ll be so grateful. I genuinely dread winter because I know I’m so prone to chapped lips.


Scrub that dry skin away and live a happy life. I can’t believe 2 years ago I didn’t even exfoliate; like what even was I. But don’t forget; don’t go crazy like it is bad for you – you’d basically be tearing your skin off which gives you more problems than just dry skin. You’re best buying an exfoliator face wash which is gentle on your skin and helps clean out pores.

5.Drink lots and lots and lots of water

Not even being dramatic here – drink as much water as you can; 5 bottles a day if you want. Staying hydrated will clear your skin in no time and (an added bonus) will help you lose weight – if that’s also an aim for you. Really everyone should be drinking a lot of water but I remember when I was like 13 and would go a week without drinking any (horrible just thinking about it) and now I can’t go a day without it.


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