January’s over and it’s already February which means that I need to start getting my life sorted. I feel like January was just my trial month and now it’s time to actually do something. I recently discovered that I am already halfway through my degree which is absolutely terrifying and I’m still winging my life (my advice: don’t).

Basically, I want to make sure that I start doing certain things this year – as a way of starting to feel like I’m actually 19 going on 20 rather than 10 years old. These include…

Starting assignments early: 

I feel like this is every student’s goal but never actually happens? I’ve probably been saying this for years and I can, for a fact, say that I continue to leave my assignments until the day before and then wonder why I am so stressed. But I’ll give it a go anyway! Maybe I just need to buy some more notebooks and stationary to get me in the productive mood.

Actually finding a placement: 

Why is it so hard to find internships that require no previous experience? Like isn’t that the point of internships in the first place. Am I the only one with this problem – it seems like everyone else has like 10 years experience when they’re only 19. At this rate, I’ll be lucky to find a summer internship and it’ll probably entail so many rejection letters haha.

Being healthy:

Also, another goal everyone is probably thinking but it’s true. We all want that summer body to show off and after months of eating whatever I wanted, it’s about time I did something about it. I want to start drinking green tea; people seem to like it? Idk, is it just one of those things people drink because it’s healthy or does it actually taste nice? My main problem is actually cooking healthy meals and avoiding snacking but it’s so hard when I’m ‘working’. I’ll start running or something…promise.

Having more clothes: 

Is this allowed to be a goal? I want a new wardrobe (with all the money I seem to think I have); I feel like I need a new look – I tried going blonde for a couple months and now I’m bored and new clothes/accessories are a must (my dad would disagree, but when do I ever listen).

Blogging more and more:

Believe it or not, I’ve had this blog for a couple years now and I’ve only got about 5/6 posts which is awful for someone who wants to write in the future. I always find myself hating my writing and thinking no one will like it (which in some cases is true and others is not) but I’ve kind of realised that this blog is more for me – it’s to practice my writing and show future employers what I’m capable of and what I’m like in general. So, I’m aiming to write one blog post per week – more if I have enough ideas.

Start living life:

It’s such a cliché but it’s true. I want to save up and go on so many holidays (which kinda clashes with my ‘new wardrobe’ goal). I want to say I’ve done that and I’ve been there. If anything, it’ll give me more to write about and hopefully opportunities to work abroad. Basically, I want to start having enough; I’ll be 20 soon (help me) and your 20s are your fun years, right?


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